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Architect & science communicator becoming a medievalist!

Latest publications

I recently published a paper about the Renaissance and Neogothic façades of the Gothic church Santa Maria de Vilafranca del Penedès, Actuacions renaixentistes i neogòtiques a la façana de l’església gòtica de Santa Maria de Vilafranca del Penedès, published in MATÈRIA. Revista Internacional d’Art, 21, p. 71-92 (in Catalan).

Latest updates

To know more about the latest research on Medieval houses in Mallorca, read my review of the book La casa medieval en Mallorca y el Mediterráneo. Elementos constructivos y decorativos, published in SVMMA 19, p. 146-149 (in Catalan).


I participated in the webinar ‘Transfer, translation, and re-use between faiths: a view from Medieval Iberia’, organised by the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean in collaboration with the Woolf Institute.

Book of Deeds

I am interested in the depiction of daily life in the Book of Deeds or Llibre dels Fets, an autobiographical work by Jaume I the Conqueror.